Wow, I've never heard of that. Are they a common guitar? Or is that the Gibson custom shop or what?

this guy seems to like them.

piece on wiki about it as well. pretty much just name used before epi was expanded into these models. ceased production in 1998 under the orville name so this dude obv did not buy new last year - i would assume. check for serial number, chart on the wiki page about it.


(edit): also check out http://www.guitarsjapan.com/orvillegibsoninfopage.html - im just googling here, lucky im bored. ahhh the joys of the learning the law.
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Quote by ReckoningDayX

Are they good guitars?
Are they supposed to be pickguard-less?

Any other information would be appreciated.

They are supposed to have a pickup guard, and that is not stock paint.

Make sure it's not the K serial number.

But yes, they make amazing guitars; you can check out my profile to see picture of the 1994 Orville Les Paul Custom, that I just picked up.

It has a tremendously great vintage LP tone.