i just want to know if sound like AC/DC, Van Halen Lez Zeppelin and that kind of stuff is overdrive or distortion? if u could tell me the diffrence that would be great. also how do you get the sound they get in the hotel california solo?

how much would a reasonable overdrive pedal cost AUS? What do you mean about the amp? like what effects?
how much do you have to spend?

i'd reccomend a Fulltone OCD personally, might run you a lot of dollar though.
i'm not buying one yet i'm just curious about them. i might buy one but i don't know how much they're worth.
It depends on what amp you have. Those artists used cranked marshall tube amps to get their sound. Now you probably can't afford that. Is yur amp solid state or tube?
solid state

Also my guitar is an epi G-400
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solid state

Also my guitar is an epi G-400

Solid state amps with overdrive wont sound to good. It probably wont sound anything like AC/DC
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so i'll start saving my pennys then

thanx all

Heres some advice. Dont get a Marshall MG. Your looking for Marshall tones so a sales guy will tell you "You don't need to spend that much on a Marshall amp! Buy the MG. It sounds just like a Marshall and its cheaper!"

They try to pull that on me every time i walk into the store
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yeah but is it worse than my spider III 15?
no one seemd to like them

I would say the MG is worse than the Spider. At least the spider has lots of different effects.