I am looking into building 3 or so guitars in the next few years. Although tool wise I am allowed to use all the tools needed to make a guitar except the router, as im only 13.....
Any way, im allowed to use the dremel router, and cause I wanted to build the guitars without to much help from dad I thought maybe I could use the Dremel for the pickup, trem, electronics and truss rod cavities if I got one of those router holder things off stew mac..
Would this be a good idea, would anyone recommend this, would it work?

Also what guitar would you recommend? I want a Les Paul so that gets 1st priority and then 2 other guitars...
I want to use a quilted maple fretboard for one guitar and a spalted maple top for the other. Although i'm not to sure which woods look good together on which bodies... I'm thinking maybe a flying V with a quilted maple top stained black with a quilted maple fretboard with either custom inlays (i make myself) or standard block inlays, also a black stained quilted maple headstock vener with white binding around the body and headstock and Black binding on the neck... would that match up/ look good with the white binding?

Then I really want to make a guitar with a spalted maple top....
But what shape? And if i did a spalted maple top would the top if cut right work for a fretboard?

Thats two tops...
So why not buy another top off Ormsby and get a the buy 3 tops and get the 4th free deal? So I thought maybe a flamed top and then some other nice type of figured wood?
I used a Dremel for enlarging and reworking body cavitys and it works fi...well...eh, it works, period. A Dremel is very small and takes off tiny bits of material at a time, making this job extremely time consuming. If I had to do all the work you mention, which is pretty much all the work needed to be done when building from scratch, I would surely get myself a real, heavy duty router.
Using a Dremel is difficult already for monks, but close to impossible for someone with his mind set years and several projects ahead. Therefore I'd recommend you'll save yourself days of tedious and exteremly boring labour, and find someone to do this part of the job for you.
Sounds like you will have to take off a hell of a lot of wood, with very little power, it will take you forever.

I suggest letting your dad help you with a proper router untill he is confident enough in you to let you use it on your own.

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