Trying to find albums similar to Kayo Dot's Choirs of the Eye but heavier/faster.

Hey, a newbie to this site, here. Kayo Dot is barely metal if they are metal at all, but I did a search in this forum and the band came up ten or more times, so I hope it's alright to post a question about them here. I'm not sure what classification to give them, maybe gloom melodic experimental post rock with a bit of death metal.

I've been doing a lot of research to find a albums with a certain sound but haven't been coming up with anything. If anyone has any suggestions, here's the type of sound I'm looking for. I'd be willing to check out any albums with any of the following details, but the more of these details an album has, the more I'll like it.

1. Similar to Kayo Dot's Choirs of the Eye.
2. No lyrics, or great sounding vocals with lyrics that aren't anti-christian (seems to be a lot of anti-christian lyrics in metal these days, but it's just not my preference), or if the lyrics are anti-christian, I might give them a try if the lyrics aren't disernable when listening to them.
3. Has a significant amount of death metal (I think that's the genre?) type instrument play, similar to the ending of "Manifold Curiosity" on Choirs of the Eye.

Thanks for any help.
Reccomandation thread. You'll get more replies.
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you, sir, would be missing out.

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