hi people,i bought my roland jc120 of my guitar teacher about 14 years ago,its in pretty good nik,prob just the speakers are a bit worn,ive heard james hetdfield used the exact same amp to record all his soft metallica guitar work,ive been told by a few people to hang onto to it,just wondering what perople think of the amp

the jc-120 tone is very distinctive yes. Hedfield uses them for clean tones on newer metallica disks. Collectors item though? Probably not. If you want an amp that appreicates in value, you must look into limited edition marshalls.
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well if its 14 yrs old yes hang on to it its one of the best amps around and yes james hetfield derives all of his clean sounds from a jc120 he famously used it on nothing else matters just hold on to it its a piece of art
Not really, I see the old ones selling for under $500 pretty frequently and there seems to be a decent supply of them.

Awesome amps though
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given that we've got about 15 of them at my work, id say not.

Still, hold onto it because its a great amp. They can be hard to come by because people are reluctant to sell them because they like the sound so much.
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maybe someday it will be worth some money
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