i'm trying to find out what song it is, i've tried typing lyrics into google and it gives me nothing. song starts off with like a violin sound and some bass, then kicks into a riff with some dude like breathing into the mic. then he says "you should be sleeping little children instead of staying out and drinking toilet water from a shoe, it's half past 8 you little bastards, mcguyver's on and i just ate a great big sandwich from the mall!" there's more to it but the song is only 1:13 long. please help and thanks
Who writes a song like that
I think its time to pack your things lets go,
To a place where we both know,
And dont worry, I'll drive real slow,
Spend some time before we go..
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google can blow my dog, maybe i was just using it wrong?

Google can blow your dog? Holy-shit, they're really getting high-tech these days.