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So, I guess fish can pick up vibrations in the water and stuff, but as far as hearing goes, do they actually have ears?

I ask this because one of my speakers sits right next to my fish tank, and I'm pretty sure they don't always appreciate loud music.

Maybe they like listening to a certain type of music, but unfortunately they don't have the option of leaving the room like the cat did.

Inspired by the 'My Cat Is A Metalhead' thread.
Fish do not have ears like we do. They sense movement and vibrations with sensual organs on each side of their head and with their lateral line that runs the full length of their body. They use this as a defense to hide if something large comes their way or as a way of detecting food from the movements of a wounded or dying fish nearby. Some artificial lures are made to churn the water as in a spinner bait. Poppers are also used to make splashing actions and other lures like rattletraps and some diving plugs have pellets inside that make vibrations that the fish can feel from some distance away.
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