Hey everyone. It's me again (of course, by saying me again, that assumes anyone knows who I am...aw butterscotch).

Anyway, I have a new cover up. This time it's Johnny Cash's "Man in Black".


I would really appreciate any feedback on this one, and I'll critique you back if you provide a link.

Thanks a ton!


Thanks for your crit! I never mind critting back
I don't know the song (yes shame on me for not listening to Johnny Cash) but your playing is very nice and your voice isn't bad at all, it's quite a good voice actually I enjoyed listening to it! You only had a little trouble on the higher notes, but that didn't bother me one bit, good job!
One little remark though, it has nothing to do with your playing: your camera angle, all I saw was your face xD

Cheers and thanks again for your crit!