Hello hello

I am a guitarist located in San Diego who is looking for a band to join. I am okay at guitar and if given some time to learn a song I can play most styles (except chicken pick'n country). I'd like to find some people to play with and write some original material.

Generally I like classic/alternative rock, blues, reggae, electronic/trance, jazz, rap, classical, and pop.

Also, I like to smoke the weedz and drink the booze so if you're not cool with that then you need not send me a message.

I have some older songs listed on my myspace if you're interested in seeing some samples of me: www.myspace.com/themeoryou

I believe I have advanced from these clips.
Ibanez RGT 42FM
Ibanez AW20ASENT
Yamaha G-55A
Squier Stratocaster w/Scalloped Neck

Boss GT-3
Crate GX-30M
Fender Hot Rod DeVille