hi pit
you guys have been really helpful to me in the past and ive come here once again to see if you guys can help me..
well i love to play call of duty 4 online with my new laptop which i had previously been plaing in the kitchen which is right next to my wireless router...
i moved to my bedroom because dad bought me a desk and some speakers to put it on and had been fine..
i purchased an external hard drive for it in which i transferred the whole CoD4 game onto and began playing it online with that, at first it was fine but after a while it started frequently saying that gay "connection interrupted" crap
i moved back into the kitchen and it was fine

im not sure if its because the external HD doesnt run the game as fast as the internal

or im too far away from the wireless router

or maybe a combination of the two

the only thing is..
the router is supposed to transmit for about 100 metres give or take and my rooms approx 5-10 metres away from it

and.. im not certain but pretty sure that my external HD is around about the same specs as the internal

ive tried to convince dad in moving the wireless router into my room but he doesnt want to run chords all the way through the house.. typical parents

any suggestions pit?
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walls pwn radio/microwave signals
so I think thats the most likely explanation for your dropping connection

and external harddrives are usually slower than internal ones because they have to be hooked up over USB which is bottlenecking the thing
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