So I'm narrowing down my options for a new guitar, and I came down to this...

- Shape doesn't really matter. As long as it isn't a deformed Michael Kelly or similar
- 24 frets
- Maple fretboard
- Good pickups, SD, Dimarzio, etc.
- HH or HSH configuration
- Low action

My budget is $700-800 max. I could live without the OFR if it has a really solid LFR. Maple fretboard isn't too important, but I'd like a change from the usual rosewood.
Ibanez something
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All pretty nice guitar's in my opinion and ive heard lot's of positive thing's about agile guitar's, also if you contact kurt from rondo music you'll be able to have some customising done to it since these guitar's will allow you to have a little bit of money left over
AFAIK Jackson has some really nice guitars with OFL's and maple fret-boards. Jackson pickups are usually decent, and if you don't like them too much, you can always change 'em out later.

I totally agree with you about maple though, they are very nice to play. Some Jackson guitars aren't even that expensive, but Ibanez is always another option, but you already have a nice one so why go for another...

Also note that your budget seems around the range of higher classed LTD models of ESP and I've played a few, they're quite nice! Even though I would personally buy a Jackson or Ibanez before LTD because I'm a brand name *****!!! >.<
If thats your price range, I would say look in to a schecter blackjack series guitar...I got the Pete Townsend tele blackjack with 24 XJ frets, locking tuners, 2 SDs: JB and a 54, and its got a rosewood fretboard, and you can set the action yourself, or get a guitar tech to get it perfect for like $10. And I got it for $320, Schecter pwns....
Do you not care which neck profile your guitar will have? or fretboard radius? Makes a big difference in your playing. Also look into what sort of balance the guitar will have. Saying good pickups is also very general as SD and DiMarzio make all sorts of great pickups with different characteristics. Just trying to help you out here before you go spend your money
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Stretch your budget and get an Ibanez PGM301 you wont regret it
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^They kick so much ass!

Anyways, try out some Jacksons like the DK2M or the Japan only Ibanez RG2550MZ something.