Well American Currency value is so low that I felt I should take advantage to that. So when my mother went on a business trip to the U.S. I asked her to buy a strat there. Here I am, with one American Deluxe Stratocaster. It costs about 2000$ here in sweden, and she got it fore like 1200$. Awesome deal. In the words of the mighty John Petrucci "It's pretty amazing". Nevertheless, enough about the great deal I got (considering the price here), the guitar is pretty amazing as well. It's my first strat ever (although I've tried several before) and it's greeaat. Looks great, plays great, sounds great. I was actually wuite surprised that it sounded well through my 5150, but it's a great combination! Everything's great! Here are some pics:

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congrats man sweet guitar
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God, those strats looks so damn nice! Love that color and that pickguard!

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Very nice purchase. I've never been a fan of the color combination on those, but the ones I've picked up played like butter and sounded great. I'd definitely add one to my lineup someday.