Im looking for a new amp, as iv mentioned before, and i whenever i look on the net at my local ish stores i find myself drawn to 3 amps mainly, the Vox AD50V, Vox AD50-XL and the Roland Cube 60. I dont need anythin overly powerful cos its only gonna be bedroom practise and playin at my friends house, but i dunno whats gonna be better for me. mainly playin metal, Megadeth, Bullet, but also like a little classic rock too. my budget is gonna be £300 max. any advise would be helpful.
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I would recommend against the XL, it's pretty muddy sounding. For metal, the Cube usually gets the nod around here for being the best practice amp. The Peavey Vyper has been getting a lot of praise on the boards as well, but I haven't tried it myself.
Yeah, pretty much that. ^^

That said, I have an AD30VT and its a pretty good practice amp as well as being decent for a small gig. If you're going to be mostly playing in your bedroom I'd recommend that over the AD50VT. It's cheaper and practically identical in terms of functionality as far as I know. The power control on the back really helps to keep up your tone with the volume down as well and I doubt you'd have it cranked in a bedroom situation anyway.
I have a 30 watt Vox XL and its alright, but there is only 2 clean channels, and most of the distortions channels sound pretty similar. it's just not versatile, but it sounds decent to me anyway.
The cube will do what you want. The Vox amps aren't good enough in the heavy distortion department for the metal you like.