Can someone help me out with some beautiful sounding chords please?

As Novice or Advances as you want

im just after beauty
the main issue is twofold, as RCalisto said, beauty is in the eye of the beholder and also all chords can be beautiful in the right context. i like b5 chords and their dissonance sounds wonderful to my ears, but i'm sure not a whole lot of people would agree with me. but in the right context it will sound great.
A big part of creating a nice set of chords is in the voicings you use imo. When I'm playing chords I like to make them flow and almost make them melodic. I think this sounds nice:

C7 - BbMaj7 - A7 - C7 - BbMaj7

Used in the key of D minor
adding the ninth tone to a major chord in itself is pleasing to the ear...i place the 9th in the middle of the chord when possible...adding a very full rich sound

try E add 9