After searching a while for a new bass, I decided on a used DWB35. It's in absolutely perfect condition, and I managed to pick it up for £715, which I'm pretty pleased with. It's got such a versatile sound and it feels amazing to play. It's my first 5 string and it's just so natural to play, there's no difficulty in making the transition whatsoever. I don't have any pics yet but expect some soon!

Anyone else had the pleasure of playing one?
Never really heard of a DWB35, was it discontinued?
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Damn you and your ninja-like modding
I believe so. It was Doug Wimbish's signature for a while. Here's a pic, clearly not taken by me!

Looks verryyyy purdy. I hope you enjoy it!
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Damn you and your ninja-like modding
I had no idea how much they were, I just played it and really loved it.

I got it with a nice gig bag, new set of strings and a lead so I guess that makes up for the loss. I'm not entirely sure if it was used or just...old. There's not even a mark on the thing, I'm only assuming it's used because it's discontinued now.
wow...i want to know more about the $200+ Gigbag, strings, and cable
I realized when I said that what it sounded like, hahaha. I meant £700 to £715, not the £500 to £700.

on a side note I just checked the invoice, it doesn't say used anywhere, and the original price before haggling was £849, so I think was just old. sweet. =)

I'll try take some pics tonight, soon as I can find my camera.