Hey guys,

I know this usually is where people look for help for technical issues and stuff like that. This is more of a thread for your opinions and perhaps some tips you have regarding recording different styles.

So today i got feedback from my teacher who had gone to meet some of her music contacts to see about how i can go about producing for film etc. Basically the feedback was that i use too much hard drums. and that i should explore genres and stay away from my typical recording style.

I admit that i use heavy fast drum beats alot to create that epic chorus or action feeling. i feel that now i've got to try and re-create that exact feeling using a different instrument or a different technique all together.

So i ask, what do you think i should try now?

I'm thinking a country pop (carrie underwood, big and rich) style track as it nearly the complete opposite to what im used to.

Any tips would be great guys,
thanks for reading

Just listen to different stuff. Styles will wear off on you.
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Just find a channel and go down it. For example go to blues (very minimal) and then progressively go up through reggae, R and B and hip hop. Some of the most affective drums are in rap and hip hop. Or go blues then country i dunno im just sayin....