Hello, I'm a major in music. Not new to guitars, but new to classical guitars. I've been mainly looking online for a good deal. I found a Yamaha C45 for only 80 used on Craigslist, then I found a Ibanez GA5 for 139.99. I'm looking for a guitar that will at least last me a couple years in college, till I can afford the ones that are really worth getting. Please help.
Ibanez Classical Guitars are amazing, but I would recomend finding one not made with a rose woook fret board, but those are the older ones, so those are difficult to find. It is also great if they have a large soundhole
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check out alvarez

This one, I've had an alvarez for almost 10 years now. It's never failed me, does not turn your tone into mud and the setup is perfect. I must mention that it's also a second hand so I'm guessing it's about 12 maybe 13 years old.
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the yamaha 200 buck one is good to mess around with
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