Around the winter months we plan on buying new gear for our band. What are some good bass amps that cost between $500 and $750 and give a good, warm tone. Our bassist needs one. We just need it to handle recording around 300 seats max without the system. Anything louder and we'll use the system. Portability wouldn't hurt either, but he'll live if it's kind of heavy.
in b4 ashdown MAG!!!!!1111!!!

Ok, sorry for spam, I'd seriously recommend one though.
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i've heard Acoustic are good if you're in the States
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If you want warm and vintage, look at an Ashdown or used American Ampeg.

this. and avoid Ampeg BA. it's like ss for ss. quieter and the lows just aren't the same.
try Marshall. not everyone's cup of tea, but they may fit the bassist. not everyone likes it, but not bad.
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i think your bassist would be well suited to a hartke ha3500 head and hartke vx4x10 cab

but that information is useless until you tell us what type of music you play and how he wants to sound
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Well we just want a punchy and clean sound to fit in with the band. Think rock bass feel. He plays conservative runs and mostly follows the chord progression. Thanks for all the input so far. Our budget probably allows maybe $700 at most...
^yea check out hartke, and ampeg
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