Greetings all,

I just bought an Arbor AS320CS recently, and here is my question. I have always had closed pickups and have never dealt with the kind of pick ups that has the silver circles on it. Now, my G-string stays out of tune when tuned by a tuner and the silver circle is higher that the others. I have tried a screwdriver to lower it, but the whole pick up moves. How can I make them uniform?
Any help is much apprecited.
If a string is out of tune a lot, maybe there is an intonation problem when you replaced the strings...

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They're called staggered polepieces, and they're supposed to be like that. It also has nothing to do with your tuning problem. Most likely you didn't wrap the string enough times around the tuner when you restrung it, or your tuners are just crap. The G string is more susceptible to tuning problems than the others anyway.