When I write, it is difficult for me to rhyme, without it feeling forced, and therefore I turn out hating everything I write, but I know that this is because its difficult for me open up my feelings and actually use metaphors about them...

For example, if I write something to close to my heart I hate the words I use, as I feel like they arent good enough, and therefore even though I have alot to write about it, I don't and have to use strange ideas for songs...

I basically want to know, or have tips, on how to write about something that really makes me/you angry, or other emotions...., like that girl you like is with some jerk that is blatantly cheating on her... lol....

I mean I know how to write, like wordplay stuff, but I just cant use it or feel it when what im writing about is too personal..

Man I am too in this exact same situation; i would also appreciate any help.

OP, if it's any consolation, you get a free bump
I'm by no means a pro, but for me, when i write personal lyrics like that i find it helps to throw in an almost unrelated line. This could in in the form of a complex metaphor, just a piece of imagery or anything reeli. While you still know wat your lyrics are really about, it allows for the listener to hav more of his or her own interpretation of the song. It also breaks up a verse which would otherwise be you pouring your heart.
On the other hand, i know wat you mean about rhyming and crafting a song so personal too you that nothing seems to fit and truely express how you feel. just try to keep the piece progressing, i always get caught up writing about one feeling/incident or watever and it reeli throws me off.
Sorry i cant be more help guys, good luck
Try being very discriptive. Like, "Black rain clouds show a spark of light". Hell, I don't know. I'm making it up on the spot, okay? But that discription can help people imagine and relate to the lyrics, and make them "see" what you're saying.

Also, I do this a lot, and it's probably a really bad habit, but try this if it helps: Let's say I want to rhyme "red". I'll just start, a-ed, b-ed, c-ed, d-ed....q-ed, r-ed, s-ed, ooh, I like said! And then I'll work a line around that. It's a really childish way to do it, but sometimes it works.

You can also try slant rhyming, which are basically words that "sound" like another word, but are not rhymes. For example, "ride" and "live". Those don't rhyme, but they sound the same.
Well, I now use a rhyming dictionary.
A really good one is rhymer.com and that opens up alot more options.
I also use slant rhyming already but call it assonance.....
The whole descriptive thing helps, but what I find it hard to do, is tell people how it feels...Its coming up with the descriptions that I need help with, I just don't know where to begin.
Yeah, my friends and I just call it slant rhyming. I don't know what it's actually called. Anyway, your little icon is Bad Day, and it has some dude being rained on. There's a great (albeit, overused) discription. Rumbling, cold rain, dark...that describes a rainstorm. Just find something that relates to your emotions (trainwreck, storm, blindsided, etc.), and describe it. Its hard to explain, sorry if it doesn't make much sense.
oh rite, i think ive got it...
u mean try and pinpoint how i feel, and then describe using other events?

Ok....Here's an attempt to describe whats in my head...

Trapped in a city of silence, the only sound is my shattering hope.

Thats not bad i suppose....taxed!