sorry for the major noob question but... how do you get a clean tone on the vox ad30vt? if you turn the gain off, the volume goes off as well. on my last amp there was either gain, or clean, and there was a distinct button that said whether or not it was on or off.
select one of the clean settings and turn the gain DOWN (not off) and the volume up a bit to compensate.
yea i know what you mean man i have one, its really tough to get a good one

turn the master volume and volume up and turn the gain low, and if it not enough power use the watt knob in the back of the amp, also make sure your on boutique clean, its really tough to get a good clean sound
well i have a vox AD15vt, which is the smaller model of yours, all you do is to choose one of the less distorted channels, like tweed 4 x 10, then turn up your gain a little.. like turn it 20 degrees from the off position, then you max the volume, then for clean sound, you would trun the treble down abit (not all the way!), then pretty high middle, and just normal bass, for the effects, you can put some thing like reverb on or something, but to get it clean, just press the "bypass" button, allso i see you have a jackson which has pretty hot pickups (very easy distorted), so turn the volume button on your guitar (the one nearest the strings) abit down like half, this will not effect the volume, only the amount of distortion... hope that helps you, if you don't understand it all, then just ask :P thats what UG is for :P.. anyway, the instructions manual for the amp is also pretty good, somewhere in the back, you can look up the different channels, and read what sound you get from each one,
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I could never get a decent one when I went to buy one based on reviews here. Ended up getting the DA20. much better amp.
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Just choose any clean model such as Boutique Clean, Blackface 2x12 (favorite), or Tweed 4x10. Then set the regular volume all the way. Turn the gain down until it's clean (between 4 and 5 for those models) and then adjust your bass. mid. and treble knobs to taste.