Would somebody tell me the differences between the 6262 212 combo and the 333 212 Combo? I know that they are modeled after the 5150 and the XXX but what are the tonal differences? Id expect the 6262 to be a bit darker sounding.
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Yup you're right the 6262 is "darker" sounding. However the triple3 XL is 3 channel has pretty pristine cleans and is a lot more veratile than the 6262. I'd go for that every time. A lot of bad reviews about bad build quality, but personally I think it's too early to tell (everyone has a horror story about an amp they've oened no matter what brand it is!)

They both have an option in the combo version of speaker size (10/12). You should go try one out - I think you'll like the 333XL.