Ok sorry in advance, this is like my third or fourth thread asking about vox's.

Ok i'm pretty confused at the miniute because they are so many mixed reviews about the vox valvetronix line. Theres loads saying they suck and are unreliable then loads saying they are the best amps people have ever played. I just dont know if its safe to buy one of the net case i get a bum one? any advice, anyone order one off the net? Plus i wanna know if theres any point paying more for the 50 watt because mainly im gunna be jamming with friends, bedroom practice, and hopefully playing bar gigs soon as i just got a band together, will the 30 watt be loud enough?, any advice anyone, i'd like as much as i can get before buying a new amp, thanks.
hello dude

well i got the AD15VT the 15 watt.. and it can play pretty loud, allso high enough to mach drums and stuff.. so i would say 30 watt is all you need..

about the amp it self, i think that for the lesser distorted / clean thing, this amp is good, but the metal channels like "numetal" and UK 80's and UK modern, high gain and those things, are not the best, i needed to buy a distortion pedal to make it work good.
i think it depends alot on your guitar also, pickups and guitar tone mean alot to get the good sounds of this amp, i got a fender 50's classic, and it has some pretty cold (non hot) pickups, which might explain the distortion problem, but go to a store, and try your guitar, or a guitar of same kind, with it, either you will love if, or else you will hate it, you cannot base everything on others opinion, you have to try it.

allso the amp has a big amounts of effects, which works good with al channels, and they are easy to manipulate..
Try them out instead of asking people.
Personal opinion > Opinion of others.

Btw 30 watts should be fine.

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I would get the 50 because of the bigger speaker.

I also own the 50.

Go figure.
yeah thats the probs, i live in a pretty small town where the one guitar shop doesnt stock anything of quality and is going out of business, the nearest big one is bout and hours drive away....
Then use that shop, eventually call them and ask first if they have the amp, and then go there... i mean using maybe an hour or two with the buss or train or whatever, is very good placed, compare that you are going to play this amp everyday for maybe 1 or 2 hours or even more, then think about how much fustration that would be if you didn't like the amp...
The 50 sounds better than my 30...go with the 50. It's not full tube so you need the power.