I have a Fender mexican model stratocaster here that i don't really play anymore. It was owned for about a year and played about a quarter of that time. I just had it checked out and at restrung so it's like a brand new guitar again. There is only one nick in the paint other than that it's perfect. I'm also including the SKB case that i bought for it as well. The case is practically brand new except for a few small scratches on it. I'm asking 350 for the case and guitar. I really need the cash right now that is why i'm selling it, but if you think you have a really good trade offer i'll hear it out. thanks for reading the post.
do you have a pic, what color/finish
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if that is $350, the nicks arent that bad, it isn't an ugly color, and you live within an hour away from me so i can pick it up, i would be interested. pm me if it is anything close to that.