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Yay! Totally love em!!
162 55%
I like em, but think bands with male vocalists sound better.
101 34%
Nay, Hate em!!
29 10%
Voters: 293.
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Just doing a little survey to find out what you guys think about bands with female vocalists.

Do you love em or hate em?
Do you prefer bands with female vocalists or bands with male vocals?
Would you like to see more bands with female vocalists around??

Oh and guys, please try to also state what's your favorite band with a female vocalist?!

It'll kinda help me with my market research!!
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Arch Enemy, i used to think the bands vocalist was a dude.
I quite like them, especially the one in The Ting Tings

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I really don't care, just as long as they're good. I must say I'd rather listen to a female's clean vocals, but not to say I don't know any male clean vocals I like. My favorite vocalist of all is Jonny Craig.

I'd like to see more bands with female guitarists. My favorite band with a female vocalist has got to be Blutengel or Light This City.
I like them provided that the girls voice fits the music and all, I love arch enemy
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Love women singers, I search for them purposefully, female acoustic and alternative artists are my fave. Melissa Auf Der Maur, and the chick from Azure Ray, as well as Tristan Prettyman are some of my fave.
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I like them, can't say male singers are better/worse, but it's a nice change.
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uhh arch enemy is great!!!!1
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I voted yay, but there is no preference, only musicians whose sound I enjoy, and those that I don't.
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I don't really care honestly, whatever sounds good. Arch Enemy sounds kickass with their female and Evanescence. But Lamb of God and such have great male vocalists.
i love bands with girl singers like paramore and automatic loveletter
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I played in a band with a female singer and that's the reason we couldn't play many songs that we actually wanted but we managed alright.
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Singer from Walls of Jericho proves that some female vocalists have bigger balls than male vocalists.
few of my favourite bands, or even any of the bands I listen to have female vocalists.

It's just the way it is.
I'd like there to be more of them, but male fronted bands do seem to be better.

That's nothing against female vocalists (we actually have a female singer), I've just always found male fronted bands better. Female fronted bands are too much like solo-projects, and the music always seems to "mainstream" (ie Paramore, Evanescence etc).

Then again there are some exceptions. Listen to "Spark Is A Diamond" and "I Hate Sally" to see some scary women.
well, to give my perspective,
I'm currently in love with bands with Female vocalists.
Bands like Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Crystal Castles, Atari Teenage Riot, Imogen Heap and all...

And i'm also looking to start a new band with a female vocalist. So wanna see how popular bands with female vocalists actually are as opposed to all the many many bands with male vocals...
I used to be adamantly anti-female vocals. I wouldn't listen to them, more recently I've found that I can enjoy female singers, given they have a more unique sound than the cliche "pretty" female singing voice. Vashti Bunyan and Zooey Deschanel would be examples. I also put a lot of weight on the quality of lyrics, and I find that the great songwriters list is rather male top heavy.
i see no difference. If the band is good and the vocalist suits, i don't care. Of course, female vocalists are generally more attractive, but that's not really relevant to the music...Aw, who am i trying to kid?

Anyway, bands like Nightwish and Lacuna Coil i think have hit the nail on the head - have 2 good vocalists, one male, one female, and use them both for what suits their voices best.
It doesn't make any difference, so yay on the poll I guess. I really like the Dresden Dolls.
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love them in the right kinds of music, but I can say from experience they can be a pain in the ass to work with in a band situation
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Shana Halligan of Bitter:Sweet (also did some work with Buckethead and Serj Tankian).
Great voice, can do some good Jazz singin' too.
I like female vocalists yeah.
Not that fussed really, if it's good I'll give it a listen regardless of what gender is singing. Sahara Hotnights are a really good band imo. I think the whole band are female, not 100% on that though. The singer definitly is though.
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I like em most of the time. Hayley from Paramore is incredible, and doesnt sound like most other chick singers. Same with Joan Jett. Altho most of te time, girl screamers are just too screetchy for me.
I like female singers and I like male singers. It is a nice change to hear a good female singer once in a while. So I guess its a Yay Totally love them.
im not overly fond of them, i find males tend to have stronger voices, so to speak
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it doesnt really matter to me because it just has to fit the music
the only thing is that female singers look better on stage (helps if their hot) but male singers seem to have a more dominating presence on stage
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I said 'yay', but really I don't have a gender preference. If somebody is a good singer, then that's that. My favourite female fronted bands are Chatmonchy, April March and The Breeders.
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What fits the music is what's best. Durrhh.
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yea man, who ever doesnt like pantera or think they suck doesnt like metal, end of discussion, they changed the freakin world n made history, so don't be sayin they suck, have respect, same goes for machine head n lamb of god cuz their good too
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What fits the music is what's best. Durrhh.

i was speaking about personal preferance and likes....
Like do you like any bands with female vocalists n if you have any favorite n sort...
Most of the time I'd rather bone them then listen to them... Like Amy Lee or that girl from Paramore... and they aren't even that f*ckable.
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they are usually beter than male vocaled bands but they're a rarity, i realy like the singer out of garbage, although i dont know her name

its also hard to find a variety of female vocals, all female vocals end up like the ones out of evanescence and within temptation.

also brody dalle is awesome,(and amazingly fit)and the one out of lacuna coil, they do a mint version of enjoy the silence
Some are great like the Yeah Yeah Yeah's and others are terrible like that chick from Paramore.
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