I'm looking for a decent Solid-body 7string guitar that I can play Metal/Melodeath Metal on; Preferably cheap-ish but i'd prefer quality.

Any suggestions?
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id suggest the erg thread full of experts in that field
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Ah; Thanks.

Is there any particular models that i should be looking out for?

I can play reasonably fast, and quite precisely if that makes any difference.

Edit - Sorry; didn't notice that thread.

Cheers guys.
133 18 9463 8395 24 22 8358 4939
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Ibanez RG7321 about $400 good quality guitar but no trem, schecter has some good 7 strings but they tend to have wider necks
as far as any other questions their is a 7 string forum here
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Trem, budget, neck size, company preference?

I'de probably suggest a RG1527

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Schecter C-7 Hellraiser of Blackjack. Their other 7s are great ,but the Black Jack and Hellraiser are insane, and don't go above 750.
1527, you'll prolly need a pup swap tho. actualy, you will.
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well, you missed a pretty good deal not long ago i got my first 7 string with.

On ebay from america i got a schecter blackjack c-7 atx in white brand new for £379 with free postage, theyre like £600 here online. and more expensive in shops.

Id defenetly try on ebay.com or sevenstring.org for some.