Anyone got tabs ( preferably guitar pro ) of a good metal duet

I'm going to take a video of myself playing lead and rhythm in two chairs and shop em together so they look like there are two... mes. lol

Anyway, nothing overly hard ( like sweeping solos ), but sounding cool none the less

Any suggestions are welcome, and thanks UG

Try some maiden or Opeth stuff. In the Mist she was standing might be fun
Machine Head - Halo

i can play that including the solo and im not that good at solo's + it would look great wit two of urself playing it at the same time
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If you're just afraid of sweeps, try racer x :P

My suggestion would be, create like 2 simple chordprogressions that connect pretty good. First git 1 plays progression, git 2 solo, then change (and change the progression). That would be awesome.

You could play down to mexico with overdub. (Paul gilbert)