Not that I've ever played amps with modeling FX, but anything digital is unappealing to me. I've never played one of them, but if you're looking for a Peavey amp...

...you gotta go with a Valveking.
I didn't like em, they're modeling amps but the knobs felt cheap and flimsy and they were ****ing confusing to get used to. To many friggin lights (there's at least 25 LEDs on at any given time).

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I had an okay impression of them. The knobs were really confusing, but so were the knobs on my multi-fx. I figured them out after a month of using it, so i can't imagine it would be much more difficult than that. It sounded okay, but you could feel that lack of warmth that modeling amps come with. Still, for metal tones, it did a good job.

I would still go with a valveking over it, and a Classic 30 over that. They sound so warm and natural, even if they aren't as versatile as a modeling amp.