I know gibson, fender, and all them but I never really checked out ibanez or shecter and Im not sure were to look either so could you help me if they have lower brands
You mean like the relationship between Fender and Squier?

Ibanez has Cimar, don't they? Though, I don't think those are in production any longer. No idea about Schecter.

Though, neither company needs one - both have a more than satisfactory low-end range.
ibanex does gio dont they? or ibanez soundgear, idk about schecter,
electric guitar forum would probably give you better answers
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Ibanez don't need a cheaper sub-brand, they're shit already.

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i don't htink they have any lower end sub companies. Just lower series..

Ibanez have the Gio series. I'm not 100% sure what the lower end schecters would be.
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Ibanez don't need a cheaper sub-brand, they're shit already.


I personally love Ibanez guitars, but nonetheless, i lol'ed
Ibanez make their own cheaper models

and Schecter pretty much do the same i think, but they dont really do guitars less then about £500
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I dont think schecter has a lower end sub company like gibson and fender do, but their entry level guitars are called "Diamond Series" and i think most (if not all) of them are under $500.

I have a 30th anniversary diamond series Gryphon and it's served me very well for about 2 or 3 years now, but i can tell that it's starting to age, the coil tap gives a weird staticy grinding noise when i adjust the tone (even when i have the humbuckers turned on). But either way, its an awesome guitar, the neck is great and it's really versatile.

EDIT: oh yea and don't mind the "new guitar fund" meter in my sig, that's just for an acoustic guitar i'm going to get.
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Considering you can easily find brand new ibanez/schecter guitars for like 300 bucks a pop, what are you exactly thinking of when you say "lower brand"?

Doesn't get any lower than that, unless you want plywood with copperwire glued together at the Down Syndrome Institute
i wonder if BC rich has an even lower end of guitars beside bronze

they would probably cost $25
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