Im currently in high school and i want to record some tracks and stuff and editing them around and such (sorry for being fairly vague). What would be good equipment along the lines of software for recording and editing as well as guitar ports/tone ports and microphones (for recording my amp) and like, multi effect pedal/digital processor (line 6 pod xt for example). What would be good stuff for a student budget? My guitar teacher just reccomended cheaper software and like, plug ins (thats what i meant by the tone port stuff lol) with maybe like a line 6 pod of some sort. What do others think?
There`s a good guide to the whole recording stuff on UG->columns->Guide to
The boss micro BR is a very cool device, sound quality is good, there is a multi fx in it, the effects are not super quality but still very usable. Its a bit hard to use at first since there's a lot of functions in a very limited interface but you get used. There is also a drum machine and a microphone built in it, and its not too expensive (like 200$).
I really recommend it to you, with that thing you can edit all your tracks and mix them and then export your in mp3 to your computer, i'm telling you, its worth the money.
buy a usb interface and some decent mics. most interfaces come with good software anyway.
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Chea_man is the best.
Line 6 Toneport.

Gives you the option of recording your amp with a mic, but good sounds are achievable with the software, which is what I use most of the time now because it's just so much easier.

Reaper for your recording software.
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Toneport, decent audio interface, Reamp box, Shure SM57 & Cubase

cheap and capable of great tone!

Also for drums, programming ftw! EXDrummer plug-in for Cubase

I presume you just wana piss around recording so that'd be great fun and youd get a fairly decent sound
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First go to the R&R section
Read the stickies and see my videos
Then read Tweak's Guide.

Whats your budget?

My sugestion is go get some good headphones and a PreSonus Inspire firewire interface. IF you can only use USB I suggest a 2.0 unit instead of the 1.1
The EMU 0202 or 0404 both are great for the price.
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Wow. Thanks for giving me all those choices. I wouldnt say i have a budjet but I'd prefer more affordable things so i dont spend all my money on a single piece for the recording. I'd rather have a decent all around setup than some amazing software with shit mic's and sound or vice versa. If i could get prices on the above set ups that would be great. As for the guy who sent me the pro tools thing, its nice but like, i want to get more stuff for standard use as well. Its a hard decision and thanks for the help you've benn giving me.
What do you mean by standard use? I'm not sure if you fully understand how that works.
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Protools is nice to work on....if you have an HD setup but Protools is high in price to get started....

I would suggest getting a low end version of Sonar or Cubase and run a standard interface such as the ones I suggested.
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Cubase...cheap and capable of great tone!

...EXDrummer plug-in for Cubase

Except Cubase is about a grand....

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cubase LE comes free with a lot of interfaces
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Look at Tascam, they are a well trusted name, just look for one that comes with something like Cubase, once you get to know how to use it the program has incredible powers. Honestly, I'm going to recommend the SM57 as it is a well rounded mic, which is used professionaly but is also affordable. At about 100$ CDN, you can record acoustic guitar, various drums, guitar amps, bass amps, all with good sound. If you are going to be doing vocals and don't plan on using the mic you get live I would look at condensers.

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Except Cubase is about a grand....


Honestly, and I'm not recommending it but I pirated Cubase, and I'm sure most of the other people on here did too if they are using the versions that don't come with interfaces. But to me I'm not going to spend a grand on a program I don't have experience with and I need to get my hands on a copy with all the features just so I can see it for myself. I'm still learning the program months later, and will only plan on buying it if I uncover it's full potential and/or start recording bands with it. Because coming from never recording before, there is a HUGE learning curve to a program like this.

Not sure how much it is but I would recommend looking at things like Sonar, I only used it for a few minutes as I couldn't figure out how to set up multitracking as fast as I did in Cubase but it felt like it had a good easy to use interface. Of course there is also Audacity but no multitracking capabilities if you are thinking of recording drums.

If you have to, put good quality mics before recording equipment, what is your budget exactly? I found after I got the SM57 the amount of recording I did went through the roof because I now had many possibilities, I can record any guitar I want with it, I have my MXL 990 condenser for vocals and It's not hard to come out with very good quality recordings. I also have the Tascam US-122 audio interface, has midi inputs, guitar ports and 2 mics, mines a bit older so it's bulky but the new ones are ultra slim which means portable and easy to use.


Audio interface you pick should be around this price range, if you want 2 ports, Like I say I trust Tascam but I'm not trying to pressure you into it, I'm just giving you a general idea of how much you might spend for equipment.

Shure SM57, - 100$ there are cheaper and more expensive options from this brand, just ask around

Marshall MXL990
I got mine for about 140$ I believe, might have been more around 100$ but musiciansfriend has it at 50$ now so I guessed it dropped in price. It's the cheap alternative to 500$ condensers, but with a decent sound.

Recording program, well theres cheap ways to do things *hint hint* I'm not exactly sure on prices in stores but I'm sure there are good cheap ones you can find in stores, there is also really expensive stuff but you will find it takes a while to learn and if you just want something to plug in and go you might find some programs better than others, again ask someone if the software will be easy to set up for your audio interface I'm sure someone should know because I rented a 8 input mixer and found it nearly impossible to set up properly in some cheap programs as well as some more expensive programs. And there are also tons of free programs you can mess around with and see if they are all you need, and if you find they aren't enough spending money on a program wouldn't be a bad idea either.
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I would save up for a decent recording interface first. More than likely when you buy an interface it will come with a lite version of some recording suite. Try that out first before you dump a lot of money on software. Your sound quality will be affected more by the hardware you buy than the software.

Have alook at Musicians Friend recording section and look at their audio interfaces. Something like the PreSonus Inspire are affordable and good entry level choices.
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Your sound quality will be affected more by the hardware you buy than the software.

A *very* important point, but one that a lot of people don't realize until they've figured it out the hard way.... or at least the expensive way.

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