I'm making a riff in Drop D and the dominant chord is :


and I would like to know what scale(s) should I use to create a solo !

thx for all coments and sorry for my bad english !
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sorry but I dont understand that can you explain better ?

Construct your solo with the notes of any scale in the key of D sharp

EDIT: Previous post got the key wrong

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Since the dominant is Eb then you will create the solo in Eb. If you only play an Eb the entire time you have lots options, ie, mixolydian, major, minor. Is there a chord progression, or is Eb the only chord?
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Key of F

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Key of Eb, not F.

haha, what am i thinking..............of course its the key of Eb.

face palm moment!
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Since the dominant is Eb then you will create the solo in Eb. If you only play an Eb the entire time you have lots options, ie, mixolydian, major, minor. Is there a chord progression, or is Eb the only chord?

the chords that I use are mostly:

-0- <-- D

-1- <-- Eb

-3- <-- F

should I use mixolydian, major, minor .... ?

sorry for my bad english and sorry if my chord names are wrong !!
Hmm, this is kind of nice. You could use D phryigian, Eb Lydian and F mixolydian. Why? let's start with the D phrygian, minor scale. Look at D-F = root - minor triad, with a flat 2:nd. That equals phrygian.

That would be your only minor choice I'm afraid. (D phrygian would be Bb Ionian (natural major) starting from the third.) From the same Ionian scale you can get Eb Lydian. I'm afraid that Eb mixolydian won't work because of mixo being a dominant scale (flat 7) while Eb - D is a major seventh interval.

You can't really use Eb ionian (natural major) because of the A note (the fifth from D would be flat in Eb ionian scale, producing the D dim chord. However, that's not the case).

so I'd suggest using Bb Ionian and it's modes. Since you put a heavy emphasis on Eb I suggest Eb lydian to simplify the matter, you can also elaborate with some pentatonic positions or play around with Am 7 -5 arpeggios to get a really evil sound.

Nah, seriously, Eb lydian is the way to go.
ok thx !!

other question I can use an Eb mixolydian scale in any Eb fret, correct ?!

So can I connect the Eb mixolydian scales of diferent frets ??

if you doesnt understand the question i will try to explain better !!
Dude it would be awesome if you just wrote out the chord structure that you're soloing over.
but if you use Eb mixolydian you probably want to skip the flat 7 which charakterizes the mixo mode so it's a bad choice. Bb Ionian is the only diatonic mode that fits your chord progression and that gives us Eb lydian. Which is the same as Eb Ionian with a sharp four (#4) which is the A note you play when you strum D A D (D5) or d-power chord.

C'mon people, if he wants help he probably haven't found a good note choice, don't provide scales like Mixolydian that would sound out of key.

And if you chose Eb lydian you can play the solo using the boxes (below) within the cage system, if you use 3nps patters you have one position for every mode I suggest that you check out the caged system first, since it's a great way to understand the theory.

Bb Ionian, C dorian, D phrygian (this one's the same as Eb Lydian, you just start/end at a different node), F Mixolydian (Here is the mixo scale that you wanted, but you need to put emphasis on F then, not Eb), G aeolian and A locrian (same position as Bb Ionian)

Now, please do not run away and play Eb mixolydian.
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If you have a chord, look for minor/major intervals. Etc. D-F = root and a minor third (3 semitones)

If you'd have a D - F# (root MAJOR third interval, 4 semitones) then you'd have a major scale. I strongly suggest that you dive into a theory book. Try to get a good one, with good examples etc. It's really worth it.

But for the solo, use the tools I've given you.
Loads of people have already said the key so I won't bother telling you what you already know, but I can tell you this, for inspiration for your solos, look at blues. Even if you play a heavy style blues can still help.
blues in lydian? boy oboy.

here's a couple of songs for reference.

The Kill by 30 Seconds to Mars
"Dancing Days" by Led Zeppelin. The guitar intro is in the Lydian Mode.
"K'm-pee-du-wee" and "The Riddle" by Steve Vai the latter of them actually has some lydian augmented in it.