Anyone have any idea where I can purchase a BC Rich Mockingbird body from?
I've looked but I couldn't find.

And a neck also?

- Oh yeah, and no pointless "we hate BC Rich for no good reason" wagonners.
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So you want the neck and body of a mockingbird? How about you buy a mockingbird and take it apart?
I want to make it my own way and paint it my own way for my Resistant Materials GCSE, and I need a plain wood body, i could get a similar neck from other places.
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Idk if anyone (like warmoth, screw-mac, etc.) sells them since they aren't a 'generic' type like a strat or LP (plus liscensing and trademark issues).

I could be totally wrong, though.
warmoth sells them i believe, but i would suggest get a blank and do it you self. you get more satisfaction that way.
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Yes, warmoth does sell them.
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No actually they don't any more.
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So i'll have to make it from scratch.

I'll have to hunt down some working drawings.
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Hi all, do you know where to get a template for the mocking bird body ????
Aria Excel Std (yes i know, but it was cheap and its black )
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buy the lowest down the scale bc rich one, sand it all down then take it to shool and paint it
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