any suggestions?

im open to anything...im using an LP btw...if that means anything....thanks in advace!
Fallen Leaves - Billy Talent

Should be easy enough

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smells like teen spirit - nirvana

solo's not the best

riff is legendary though
Empty Space
dammit-Blink 182
its one guitar.
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add that:
You probably won't be learning Crazy train or MOP fast. Crazy train has pretty hard fills, and depending on what solo you decide to play in Crazy train (There are so many different versions, from easy to pretty damn hard) it could take a while. Mop also has a pretty hard "main" solo.

Sunshine of your love is probably a good one, uhm anything by Hendrix is fairly simple.
99 Red Balloons - Goldfinger

It's not too hard and has 2 catchy solos.
most hendrix solos aren't really that easy tbh...but if your good at making things up, most of his songs are manageable...purple haze, voodoo child (good jam on this one).
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