Has anyone had any experience with these? Not much info out there on them.
Wikipedia says they sold for $130 - $250 new but the one I'm looking at (Les Paul copy) is a neck-thru so that price range doesn't seem quite right.
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yeah i have a lotus strat copy and i must say, for being a cheap guitar its really great. It sounds and plays great. For 100$ i could turn it into something better than a mid priced guitar.

Edit: The price dont seem right probably because lotus is an old guitar and money went a lot farther back then.
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I have a Lotus Les Paul copy from the late 70's or early 80's. It also has a solid neck. It's the brown Guitar in my avatar.

I've had this guitar for over 25 yrs and the craftsmanship is very good on it. It play's awesome and sounds Great.I use it mostly for Metal and Thrash because of the 2 Humbuckers. The action is very good . The biggest problem I have is with the intonation.

Mostly I can only find Lotus Les Pauls with the bolt on neck. These go for anywhere from $150.00 to $400.00 depending on the condition. I'm sure these solid neck models should go for more.

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