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Ibanez S5470
22 61%
Ibanez RG2550Z
14 39%
Voters: 36.
I've been wanting a new guitar for a while, and recently i've like a couple of ibanez guitars, i've played the wizard neck and it feels very comfortable, i've looked at other brands; ESP, Jackson, Gibson, but the only other thing i liked was a MIA Jacksons KV2, and that is $2,000... a little more than i want to spend, i want to spend about $1,500 tops. I dont have the money now, but i will be getting a job very shortly, i will get money form rents for playing in jazz band at school, and will get money forom b-day and xmas. [/rant]

well anyway, back on subject; THE GUITARS

First Ibanez S5470F Prestige

Mahogany Body
Maple Top
Rosewood fingerboard
Viking red satin oil finish
Zero resistance II Tremolo
Offset pears fretboard markers
24 Frets
wizard prestige neck
Gotoh precision tuners
ZPS3 Spring system

Next, Ibanez RG2550Z Prestige

Basswood body
Bound rosewood fingerboard
Galaxy White with Smoked mirror pickgaurd
Wedge Sharktooth inlay
Edge Zero Tremolo
ZPS3 Spring System
Rosewood fingerboard
24 frets
Slightly worse pickups
(would Probably be replaced anyway)

I need your guys opinions, on looks, pickups, trems, and overall, which you think would be a better guitar.
also, so noone askes, i play metal, death metal, metalcore, and almost anything that begins with metal mostly, but i will also be using this for some SRV, Clapton, and some classic rock, like ac/dc, zeppelin, GN'R, Cream, Crue etc
EDIT: 2ND prestige looks sexy
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Voted for the first one.. Mahogany body/tone is just better in my opinion. More depth/body in the tone.

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the S, mahogany body/awesome looks=win
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Someone on these boards once mentioned that the ZR 2 was bad for the guitars sustain, even compared to other double locking trems I think? Anybody know anything?

Besides that, I'm all for the S.
get the 2550z. i played one, and if i would have changed my jackson for it(and i freaking love my jackson)
RG. I wanted that guitar but I bought a Epi Elitist instead and now I'm between going cheaper with a RG370DXGP or a RR3 for my metal guitar. (prolly RR3!)

Back on topic, RG is teh sex.
I voted for the S for the bodywood, and because the colour is VIKING RED.

lol, anyone notice how i accidently wrote "offset pears" as the freatboard markers?
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Even though the Rg looks really nice, and the Edge Zero trem is supposed to be awesome, I voted for the S. Neither will have great pickups (thats easily remedied though) and the mahogany body/flame maple top as well as the ZR trem just add up to a better all around guitar in my opinion. H/S/H as well, very versatile with the right set of pickups. Good choices there. But I say, go with the S.
I voted on the S... Then i saw the fret number and i was like


Yeah i hear the new 24 fret S series has really really bad issues with sustain.
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Someone on these boards once mentioned that the ZR 2 was bad for the guitars sustain, even compared to other double locking trems I think? Anybody know anything?

Besides that, I'm all for the S.

Ya the guys on the Ibanez forum report bad sustain http://www.ibanez.com/forum/yaf_postst71656_S5470-no-sustain-issue-update.aspx

Looks like a killer guitar but the no sustain thing turns me off. Plus S series are pretty damn thin lol