hey brethrens

im looking to buy a new multi effects pedal and these are my main requirements:

i mainly play technical death metal such as Spawn of Possession, Gorod and Decrepit Birth etc... fusion like Allan Holdsworth, Guthrie Govan..etc and jazz, funk, latin and blues in a 7 piece jazz band so it needs to be suitable for gigging.

great death metal tones
great jazz and fusion tones
USB recording
under £300 ($530)
plus i like having all the other effects, who doesnt! so im not really interested in stomp boxes.

i have looked at the Digitech RP350 and RP500
Zoom G7. 1ut
Line 6 floor PODs

as the only pedal i have ever owned is the very simple Digitech RP80, i am not too familiar with the more sophistocated pedals like the ones mentioned.

could anyone recommend some other alternatives and also with the USB recording, does that mean you can record the sound you can hear through the amp, onto your DAW?

thanks in advance!
I think the pod is really good, but you may want a seperate pedal for the distortion as the gain on those multi effects can be pretty bad
Oh god no not the ones you were looking at

GT-10 if your rich

Boss ME50 if not
or even a ME20/30(?)
Not too sure about anything else.

NOT a fan of MultiFX boards.
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