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Remember that scene in Ttitanic when its goin down and the band keeps playing? If you were that band what song would you play and why that song?

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I wouldn't play anything. I would get my ass to the lifeboat.
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I wouldn't play anything. I would get my ass to the lifeboat.

Warning: The above post may contain lethal levels of radiation, sharp objects and sexiness.
Proceed with extreme caution!
I cum blood lulz

more seriously, i would play...I CUMZ BLUDZ
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Haggard13 i are impressed
It's the finaaaal countdooooooown!
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"I like dark jazz like OPETH"
"you should listen to BETWEEN THE BURIED IN ME"
"that is not real jazz"
Abandon ship!

Mayday Mayday
The captain lost control again
The ****ing ship is breaking up
We're going down in flames
Mayday Mayday
Man overboard again
The sharks already circling
They only eat the brave
The SS Death lost everything
No one here can ****ing swim
So baby, baby hold me tight
While I drown myself in you tonight
Mayday Mayday
The ship has hit the rocks again
This isn't going to ****ing work
We're heading to our graves
Mayday Mayday
The captains lost his way we're sinking in the river styx
No one can escape
Ladies and Gentlemen
May I have your attention please
This is the captain of your ship
I'm sorry we depart this way
You left me broken hearted
But I never loved you anyway
i'd start playing da blues... B.B. KING!!

or some good ol' PTH.

nothing beats PTH.
"We're goin' dowwwwn tuuuuu in a lulelurah! an' sugar we're goin' down blubbblblbulbb......"



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It's the finaaaal countdooooooown!


Now that I think of it, +1.
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It's the finaaaal countdooooooown!

I second that.


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I think it would be appropriate for the situation.
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i dont want todrown
by get me the **** off of this boat
I am the last Samaurai

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****K YOU HOE!
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