Hey got a quick question. I just put new strings on my stratocaster but now it can't sustain a note on any part of the neck for nearly as long as it should (around 2 seconds worse at higher frets). Also the strings sound really dull for a new set. I think either the neck is bowed, the pickups are too low, or it has something to do with when I stretched the stings(I may have over did it) although that would not explain the notes not sustaining. Just wonderin what your opinion is. Thanks! p.s. its got a floyd rose dont know if that matters but ya ...
is it a floating bridge ? and just check the neck and the pickups yourself and you should be able to tell if thats messed up
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hmm it does sound like the neck is bowing a little bit....if its doing that on higher frets but less on lower frets and open notes then yeah id say its a bow...also the pickups may be too high ive done that before...just experiment and if you still have problems id def bring id to a good repair shop for a diagnostic and fix...shouldnt be too expensive.