Hello my dears.

It seems as though the radio plan has been abandoned for now, what with everyone bailing, and then the problems with muxtape and all. So as a quasi-replacement, I'm going to be writing a short monthly feature on the album I just can't seem to shake at the time of writing. I'll be keeping it as PP+E as possible, unlike a lot of my radio shows, and if there are any majorly significant releases that coincide with the time of writing, I will do my best to cover them.

So let's kick things off!

My current addiction is...

Kind Of Like Spitting - One-Hundred Dollar Room

Let me tell you why...

Ben Barnett has a notorious habit for keeping things extremely short. Be it the space between his releases (around eighteen KOLS discs in the space of ten years!), or the length of his hair. One-Hundred Dollar Room is no exception. Weighing in at an emotionally fragile, anorexic 26 minutes long, one would be right in assuming the album would be over in a flash. Thankfully, Barnett's thoughtful songwriting makes this release feel much meatier.

The album drifts; at points projecting a sense of reserved anxiety (epitomised by the album's central hook - "You, so complete, so much cooler than me...") whilst at others (see Yes, You're Busted) an almost deranged, fevered Barnett takes control, spewing his closest-held apprehensions of love, loss, the scene and society.

Well constructed, coherent even at it's most chaotic, and lyrically unpretentious One-Hundred Dollar Room is a must listen. May I suggest you heed my advice.


so you're gonna be giving us a monthly album to listen to now?

...Nothing you've ever...
...Planned on ever turned out...
...The way you planned...

...You're still disappointing them...
Ohhhh. Very nice, I think I'll enjoy this. I've been in and out of love numerous times with KOLS. A solid album choice, but I always liked Bridges Worth Burning best personally.
Not my favourite KoLS release but there are some great tracks on it that are up there with his best.

Nicely done
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