click here for the guitar

here is what it sounds like

atm, the bid is $605 with $65 shipping. of course the bid will go up but there is only an hour left. if i bought this, would i be getting a good deal? very good deal? bad deal?

also, another question: is buying guitars on ebay a good idea? you can't play them/hear them but sometimes you can find good deals. key word: sometimes
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I wouldn't pay $650 for that, but that's just me.

I don't care for Gibson LP studios, and that looks a bit fishy, considering all the switched parts.

If you like LP studios, then Email the guy about it.
go for it if you think thats what you really want, itll probably go for 725 if im guessing right, im not one for gold hardware but its hard to get lps in good shape for that price. i would get it, except i would put white dimarzios in it..... just me though
also ive bought three guitars on ebay, its definantly worth it. plus the guy looks very legit, over 100 positives.
As long as u hav already tried out lots of lp studios b4 and u know u like the sound, as long as the guitar is in good shape, go for it.
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hell no.... it's gonna go up... i'd never pay mroe than 600 for a les paul studio. those are like 1100 in store. you can craigslist a similar condition one for like 550 bucks.

it's a rip. and a les paul looks nasty without a binding. yes it really does look nasty. it's so dumb why they dont put one on. made for studio.. but still it looks nasty.
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