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Forum to discuss who we think would be the best choice for Velvet Revolver to go with and whether or not this is a sign Guns N Roses should reunite.
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This is not the place, take it to the Velvet Revolver thread (I imagine there is one)
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I don't think you can decide what GnR "should" do.

It's been more than a decade since the original GnR broke up, and we still have a kind of idealised image of them, based on Appetite etc. They've all changed; they aren't the same people they were back then, and all of their styles have changed to some degree. A reunion probably won't be as epic as you might think - for one thing, they had reasons for splitting up, and who knows whether they would want to reunite for whatever reasons.
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Weird Al should head up Velvet Revolver. That way everyone could finally see what a joke that band is.
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Cornell should be the obvious choice. His voice and slash's guitar, Audioslave was great, but Velet Revolver with Cornell as there frontman would be even better.
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yeah cornell would be cool!
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Quote by breadfan82
Weird Al should head up Velvet Revolver. That way everyone could finally see what a joke that band is.

I would personally pay good money to see that, Weird Al is a far more talented guy than he's given credit for.
As for VR... I'd say give it a go with Duff on vocals, he used to do all right for punk stuff. Aside from that? I'd say go for an unknown.
(Also, VR have a thread in the modern rock forum, I'd say try there, they're probably talking the same thing)
EDIT: I don't get the obvious-ness of Cornell - He'd seem like another Weiland case all over again - typical Lead singer disease, Only this time you'd wind up pissing Dave off even further
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