I;m a guitar player and this guy i know(he's not a musician)says i'm a heavy metal expert to people.What is that supposed to mean?
You know a lot, you're bragging, and you might also be narrow minded.
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It means you're a heavy metal expert and he's telling people!
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he thinks you know alot on the subjectand suggests you duh
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He is insulting you, your family, and your dog.

I would rape and murder him.
I don't even know how to respond to this question.

He's saying you know a lot about heavy metal. Whether you like that is up to you man.

Well I guess I did know how to respond.
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It means your gay.


What he said is code for "You're a huge fag poser."

You should castrate him and feed him that shit.
it means he wants to rape you...

... or you use distortion and he's a noob who thinks distortion automatically = metal. happens to me all the time except for when im actually playing metal.
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Don't take it too seriously. It probably just means you play notes really fast in rapid succession often times not making any sense and sounding barely coherant.
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It means your gay.

His gay what? *slap*

I'd take it as a compliment.
people look at you and they think of heavy metal.

if that's what you like people to see you as then yea it's a compliment

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It means he is jelious of ur pen0r sive.


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