I need an opinion on those marshall micro stacks. I'm not playing in arena's or anything i just need something to play little gigs and in garages that can be louder that can be hard over the drums. I've also thought about the fender frontman with 2 speakers and 100 wats. I just wanna know which is a better buy for right now. I've been playing for a good 5 years and just want and upgrade so i can jam and have som fun with.
Give me a 60's kind of life
budget is between 200-500. styles is stuff like cream, hendrix, zeppelin. New or used doesn't matter.
Give me a 60's kind of life
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get something with tubes

tubes are not the answer to everything!!!!

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get something that sounds good

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Delta Blues, Crate V33, Fender Blues Junior, Peavey Classic 30.

All great amps. Maybe even grab a nice OD to compliment whatever amp you get.