I recently purchased a yamaha pacifica from a local pawn shop. I'm not sure how old it is though, on the Yamaha site when I put in the s/n it gave me 4 differnt possiblities of being made in 1970,1980,1990, and 2000. the s/n is 0K15222 I'm pretty sure that it was not made in 2000 by the condition it's in. is there any way I can know when it was made. I'll try to get some pics up if that would help
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that thing is awesome id say early 2000s or late 1990s, i got mine in 2001, and its in alot worse condition than that! haha
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Just looks like a very badly treated Pacifica from 2000 - it's not particularly old, the Pacificas range was only introduced in the 90s.
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