First song on the profile. c4c

Not all the way through, as I didn't have time to learn and record it, I just needed a two minute bit for a class. This is a rough version, gonna tidy it up later, but you get the idea. The chording part at the end was because the lead really picked up there and there was no good place to cut off, so I just improvised that.

This sounds nice! I don't know the song but I can tell that you did a nice job on it.. Yes, it's a rough version, it needs mixing and stuff (the lead acoustic sounds way too loud compared to the rhythm).. But the playing is very nice! I love the tone of your acoustic! How did you record it?

Care to crit my cover?

And if you want, I have an original up too..
But if you want another c4c there just give me something else to crit, I'll be happy to crit for you

Maybe a little less twang on the first half of the louder bit. There are some note transitions which could be smoother but you'll know that. Chords come in a little bit quickly. Let the note before them die a bit more. Very nice though, it's got a lovely tone and you brought to it well (I'll admit to not being the biggest Buckethead fan ever though).
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