I'm in a music club in my school and it starts thursday. as a returning member i'm expected to play something. I like hard rock and metal stuff but i need a song that's easy to sing and play guitar at the same time on and doesnt need a second guitarist. i was thinking master of puppets but its kinda long. so pit, any ideas?
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The Trooper (By Maiden)

It's a fairly simple song in itself, has some good recognizable riffs, and is easy to sing and play to.
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but seriously, master of puppets or fade to black
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Rat Salad-Black Sabbath
Too Young to Fall in Love-Motley Crue


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Mother by Danzig is pretty easy to play.

true, but if hes going to sing it to, best not to try and sing it like danzig, whenever anybody does they cant pull it off and sound constipated and about 80 years old. so whatever you do DO NOT TRY TO SING LIKE DANZIG

(ex: the cover on guitar hero - the voice makes me gag)
everlong-foo fighters easy finger changes and its dave grohl
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