Sup UG community
I have asked a lot of questions so far here on UG but thats just because I dont actually have any freinds that are good enough to answer this where i live and i cant afford a teacher so UG is kinda where i get my questions answered.
Ummm i just got an ibanez gsa60 and its awesome i just dont like the middle pickup. I havent changed anything and It has singe coil, single coil, then humbucker just to clarify
also what are these pickups called and also I want a sound that has a lot of distortion but not enough to drown out my chords so kinda like a distorted sound that doesnt really just sound like noise. Kinda hard to explain sorry but if you can answer my questions thanks. And also if you tell me what pickups i should get also tell me how much it might cost to get it installed into my guitar. any further questions and ill answer them A.S.A.P. (as soon as possible) cause i really need this