Hey, for all you gear heads out there...anyone have any insider info or knowledge as to what gear Joe Perry used throughout the majority of his career? (most importantly amps/pedals). I know mostly about the guitars he used and have searched extensively about the rest but couldn't find anything anywhere! Any advice on what gear would get me to a similar tone to his as well? Something articulate but has really good sustain and bite.

Some examples:

beginning of hoodoo/voodoo medicine man (beginning when guitar enters and cleaner tone)

Eat The Rich

Beyond Beautiful (live)

Heart's Done Time

And of course all their other stuff, but these are some examples of the tones that I really like coming out of Joe Perry. Any help in appreciated. Thanks in advance!
He has used a variety of guitars including Gibson LP's, Fender Strats, and B.C. Rich Mockingbirds. I'm pretty sure he uses old Marshall Major amps. I know he uses a ProCo Rat distortion pedal and a Klon Centaur overdrive.

Hope that helps you out some!
If you want that sound you could go with a marshall clone. Ceriatone, Metropolous, Splawn if you want a hotrodded sort of sound
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I know he uses big ass 200 watt Marshall Major's live, or used to

Yea, I'm pretty sure he still does. In the studio he uses a Fender Bassman and a Fender Princeton Reverb II.
If i'm not mistaken, marshall majors are pretty rare to come across? if so, which marshall amp would do the trick to emulate that amp the best? I have an '82 jcm 800 verticle inputs, love the amp, has quite a bit of hair to it...would that amp be possible to get a good joe perry sound out of or would it be too much?

also, maxon overdrives. what do you guys think of those?
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back in the day he used fenders and musicman amps. but he pretty much uses every single amp out there, barring the extremely high gain amps. ive seen him play everything from bassman, to marshall major, to Soldanos.
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Chea_man is the best.
I doubt you'll find it, but Wizard made a Joe Perry signature series amp
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Not sure about back in the day, but here's some info on his recent gear:


Here are a few pictures of Joe/Brad's pedalboards:
http://www.mylespaul.com/forums/57315-post1.html (judging by the setlist, this looks to be from 2006-02-20)
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