Mesa Boogie Mark IV 4 Head FOR SALE!!!

I am downsizing all my equipment, and while I may regret doing this, I am putting my prized Mesa Boogie Mark IV Widebody Head up for sale. This head is absolutely amazing, everything from beautiful bell like cleans to fully saturated distortion and soaring leads, and everything in between.

I believe its a 2005 Model. The amp is in perfect operating condition and almost perfect cosmetic shape as well. There is one small ding on one of the front corner protectors, I have included this in the pictures, other than that, I dont like to use this word often, but the amp is PERFECT.

Preamp tubes are Groove Tubes 12AX7, power tubes are Mesa STR420 in the class "AB" Position and Groove tubes GT-6L6GE in the class "A" positions. There is also a spare Mesa brand preamp tube included that is held in a small clip on the inside of the head.

The footswitch is also included. The footswitch is a MUST for this head, seeing as how changing between channels must be done with a knob on the back of the amp if you do not have the footswitch.

This is a discontinued piece of equipment, and as I said before, I will probably regret selling this.

I will accept Paypal or Money Orders, shipping for the head will be $55.00 fully insured through UPS Ground. Any questions about the amp please message me and I will answer you questions ASAP, I check my mail several times a day and will get back with you day or night.

Please keep specific questions about the inner workings of the amp to a minimum, not to be rude, but if you are considering this amp, I am sure you know how incredibly diverse it is, and how many options and different settings it has, all these can be found and explained IN DETAIL on Mesa Boogies website, just go to the user manual section for the Mark Series of amplifiers. There are far too many to type here, and I would not want to innacurately describe something.

Asking Price: $1,400.00 + Shipping

These things are going for close to $2,000.00 on eBay, some that are in worse condition and don't have footswitches. Please don't contact me with lowball offers, I know what this piece of equipment is worth and given all circumstances I think this is a fair asking price.

Trades: I have never done this before, but I am willing to accept trades on this piece of equipment, however, I am going to be very specific about this. I am selling most of my equipment, and will be purchasing one main rig when everything is gone. I will be willing to accept HIGH END AMPLIFIER trades. Please dont offer me a Line 6 Spider II 75 Watt Solid Sate and "Throw in some cash!!!" Only looking for amplifier trades if anything, must be in the very hi-gain area for consideration, however, my first priority is to sell this, trades will only be loosely considered.

Thanks for looking at my post, I will try and imbed some pictures on this thread, if for some reason they dont work I will also include a photobucket link.

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ahh gay! I'm trying to trade a marshall tsl60 for a head. shame about the Atlantic ocean being in the way and all....
How much to ship to canada?
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Damn. That is a nice head, at a decent price too. Bump.

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