Hey fellas

So I recently sold a piece of recording equipment to a guy. While purchasing the item he also noticed my Line 6 Spider 2 amp, the 212 model (Yeah, yeah, I know!). Long story short - I want to get rid of this amp, and he wants to trade for it.

Originally he offered me his Line 6 Spider 2, 30watt, plus some cash. I was all for this because well, I still need an amp to meddle with, and I need to pay off some bills.
But he e-mailed me today, proposing a new trade;
The 30watt Spider
aswell as "a Hamer Californian guitar with a wild floyd rose whammy."" Allegedly in mint condition, and he also said the neck was "swappred with a dillon avalanche". Truthfully - I have no idea what that means. The pickups are one single coil, and one humbucker in the bridge position.

So guys, what's the deal? Is this a good trade? I don't need a new guitar, but if it has some value I'll jsut sell it off. but I'm a gear-newb so I don't know what to do

Thanks in advance for any help!!
I don't think he'd sell me one of THAT value for a measily Spider 2 (Tho I suppose you never really know?)
I'll get a pic by tomorrow, and I'll ask him for the year it was manufactured.